Fourth Semester Events
Lecture / EventDate
Summer School05.09.2022 - 07.09.2022
Congress: ADO14.09.2022 - 17.09.2022
Journal Club - Johannes Köster10.10.2022
Self Confidence Workshop for Women13.10.2022 + 14.10.2022
Journal Club10.11.2022
Psychologische Aspekte rund um AI: Trust in AI, human induced bias in AI, explainable AI - Nicole Krämer7.11.2022
Human factors of HCI, HCI methods from a psychological point of view (acceptance, how and what to test) - Nicole Krämer6.12.2022
Third Semester Events
Lecture / EventDate
Scientific Writing18.01.2022 + 22.04.2022
Journal Club04.02.2022 + 22.04.2022
Event „Gender Aspects in Digitalization“11.03.2022
Retreat Hautklinik UK Essen01.04.2022 + 02.04.2022
Presentation training07.04.2022 + 08.04.2022
Second Semester Events
Lecture / EventDate
Women's Day06.10.2021- 07.10.2021
Scientific Writing02.11.2021 + 15.11.2021
Machine Learning and Deep Learning10.12.2021
Introduction to psychology26.01.2022
Software Engineering28.01.2022 + 07.02.2022
First Semester Events
Lecture / EventDate
Lecture Melanoma16.03.2021
HospitationStart: 12.04.2021
Lecture IT Infrastructure at UH Essen15.04.2021
Gender Training RTG04.05.2021
Snakemake Workshop25.05.2021
Lecture Information Security and Ethics08.06.2021
Lecture State of the art research program25.06.2021
Annual Retreat RTG (2 days)13.09.2021 – 14.09.2021