RP16 - Possible uses of AI to evaluate (AI-based) information at the Point of Care

Project objective: The project on the “Application of AI for the evaluation of AI-based information at the point of care” aims at not juxtaposing the multitude of often AI-based information prepared for treating physicians at the point of care completely independently, but at determining the relevance of the information with regard to diagnosis and further treatment and, if necessary, generating suggestions. The starting point for this project can be Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs for short), which have become known in recent years primarily through AI-generated images or realistic chats with AI systems. In the GRK domain, this project plays a unifying role by integrating the research results of most of the other projects.

Project Description: In this project, we are looking for a dedicated and competent computer scientist with experience in AI and software engineering to evaluate the potential applications of modern GANs or other AI approaches at the point of care. The first step is to integrate the survey for weighting information sources, diagnosis and selected treatment into the existing dashboard. In parallel to the ongoing data collection, suitable machine learning approaches such as GANs are to be identified in a second phase, before they are trained for the described problem in a third phase and finally evaluated.